Questions and Answers

Here are a few of the most commonly questions we’re asked.

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How Long In Advance Should We Schedule Our Job?

Typically within 48 hours after you initially contracting us we’ll be ready to take care of your junk hauling and trash removal needs. Our goal is to be able to provide services as soon as possible within a reasonable time schedule based on your requirements.

Where Do You Take Our Trash & Junk?

We use several “Transfer Stations” in the Metro-Indianapolis and surrounding areas. All of your trash will be responsibly disposed of at a legally operated waste facilities.

How Do We Pay The Bill?

AC Trash Hauling & More accepts cash, checks, and all major credit cards.

Do You Take Hazardous Materials?

No, we can not accept hazardous waste materials. While we can dispose of most junk, trash and waste, some things we just don’t handle.

Do You Have Dumpsters?

Yes, we have the ability to provide dumpsters if your unique junk and trash removal needs require them. We can provide dumpsters that range in sizes from 5 cubic yards to 40 cubic yards.

Is There A Minimum Charge?

We do not have a “minimum charge”. All junk removal projects are unique.

Do You Recycle?

We recycle as much as possible with our junk removal services. To learn more about the materials we recycle and our practices please visit our Recycling Services page.

Do You Provide Weekly Junk Removal or Garbage Pick Up?

No, we are a specialty company that handles your unique “1 off'” junk and trash removal projects; however, we do have a lot of repeat customers.

How Do You Charge For Junk & Trash Removal Jobs?

Before we start any job, we will always provide an all inclusive quote that outlines any and all costs. We are always upfront with our pricing. Get a Quote Today!