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Junk Hauling

When you feel overwhelmed by an excessive amount of junk accumulating in your home, garage, mini-barn, or basement, the AC Trash Hauling Team will provide all labor, equipment, and pay all disposal fees necessary to provide you a clean space.

Mattress Disposal

Our customers often are faced with the need to get rid of their old mattress.  Our team will go to your home and do all of the lifting to remove the mattress and box spring from your home.  You can leave it in the house and we will do all of the heavy lifting.  The mattress will be legally disposed of.

Trash Removal

Our trash removal service is designed to help you clean out and haul away trash from your home.  Trash is not limited to “junk”.  Our service is designed to haul away your unwanted items, such as old furniture, unwanted treasures, broken bicycles, old carpet, and renovation debris.  What challenge to you have that we can help you solve?

Real Estate Services

When you sell your home, you are faced with challenges of:

  • Decluttering
  • Purging of Unwanted Treasures
  • Moving Out
  • Moving In
  • Getting Rid of Moving Boxes

Each of these phases puts you in the need of a Trash Hauling/Junk Removal Service.

Property Managers

Our trash hauling team works with property managers, property investors, leasing agents to help you clean out commercial and rental properties.  Our goal is to do this quickly so you may get this property ready in a timely manner to get it back into use.

Appliance Removal/Disposal

Your refrigerator in the garage just died, you have an old washer or dryer in the basement, the hot water heater was just replaced. You are now faced with the need to get rid of them.  The AC Trash Hauling Team will not only haul them away, we will do all of the necessary work to get them out of your basement and home. Our trash hauling services solve this removal problem frequently.  Let us help you.


Our trash hauling and junk removal services include actions to be environmentally conscious.  We recycle as much of your trash and junk as possible.

We recycle:

  • Cardboard
  • Carpet
  • Appliances
  • Wood
  • Metals
  • Electronics

Our goal is to recycle as much of your items as possible to reduce the impact on our landfills.

Electronic Recycling

Electronics require special handling for disposal. For environmental and legal reasons, we must take electronics to certfied recycling centers. This requires special handling, storage and transportation to the appropriate recycling centers. We handle this challenge for you.