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Residential Junk Hauling

We service individuals and families in Metro-Indianapolis as they declutter and purge their homes.  The AC Trash Hauling Team responds to the individual needs of our customers.


 Metro-Indianapolis Realtors are a great resourse for our trash hauling teams. The AC Trash Hauling team helps with hauling away  unwanted junk during the buying, selling, and moving process.

Commercial Properties

AC Trash Hauling is solution minded for our commercial and retail customers.  We  haul away  junk and trash left behind by tenants,  including junk and trash  left by dumpsters.


Property Managers

How often do tenants leave a pile of trash behind when they move? We quickly clean out properties so Property Managers can comlete repairs  and get the unit ready for rent.  

Mattress Disposal

Mattresses do not need to present unnecessary challenges to our customers.  Unfortunately there are no mattress recycling centers near Indianapolis.  Regardless, we are able to legally dispose of mattresses for our customers.

Appliance Disposal

Appliances can be bulky and difficult to handle.  The AC Trash Hauling team will efficiently remove your old appliances from your home and property.  Typically AC Trash will recycle them in lieu of treating them as trash and junk.


Our trash troopers keep a keen eye open for items that can be recycled in stead of thrown away on the trash heap.  We recycle metals, carpet, cardboard, untreated lumber/wood to name a few items.

Electronic Recycling

Obsolete elctronics can not be disposed of like other trash and junk. The AC Trash Team works with Specialized Indianapolis based Recyclers for the legal disposal of all electonics.