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We’ve Been Central Indiana’s Premier Junk, Trash & Waste Company Since 2008.

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We Haul Almost Everything! We’ve handle unique jobs such as: playground equipment, sheds, satellites, signage, hot tubs and pools, decks, furniture, construction waste, tree limbs, fences, hot water heaters, office equipment, carpet, electronics, mattresses, trampolines and so much more!

Fast Response Times

Our goal is to be able to remove your junk within 48 hours from contacting us!

Responsible Recycling

Just because it’s junk doesn’t mean we don’t recycle. We’re all about the environment.

Affordable Pricing

Our goal is to be able to remove your junk within 48 hours from contracting us!

Junk Hauling Services

We’ll haul your junk, couch, table, office equipment, dresser…

Trash Removal Services

We’ll take your trash, garbage, scraps, broken equipment…

Residential Services

We’ve hauled over a thousand different kinds of junk for the residents of Central Indiana.

Commercial Services

We’ve helped companies relocate offices, clear rental properties and take out the trash.

Charitable Donations

Occasionally, we find junk that we can cleanup and give back to our community; we love to help.

Appliance Removals

We’ll remove your sink, pool, bathtub, washer, water heater…

Dumpster Rentals

If you’ve got a ton of junk or trash, we can provide a dumpster for easy collection.