Mattress Disposal

Do you have an old mattress that you need to dispose of? Our team can help you dispose of your mattresses in a responsible, legal, and eco-friendly manner. Our  staff of professional trash troopers will take your mattress and dispose of it legally.

Call AC Trash Hauling at 317-776-7025

Tell us about what kind of mattress and how many of them you have. For a low cost we can have your old mattress properly disposed of for you.

Regardless of size or quantity the AC Trash Hauling Team will legally dispose of your old mattress.

Fast Response Times

Our goal is to be able to dispose of your mattress within 48 hours from contracting us!

Responsible Recycling

Just because it’s a mattress doesn’t mean we don’t recycle. We’re all about being green.

Affordable Pricing

Our up-front quotes are highly competitive with absolutely no hidden fees.

Charitable Donations

Not everything we haul is junk. We strive to donate as much as possible to churches & ministries.