Mattress Disposal

Mattress disposal is becoming more challenging every day! Very few, if any, donation centers are accepting used mattresses.

The AC Trash Hauling & More team will haul away and legally dispose of old mattresses.

Regardless of size or quantity the AC Trash Hauling Team will legally dispose of your old mattress.

Please note our emphasis on “Legal Disposal”.  We have picked up numerous mattresses that were illegally put in commercial dumpsters.

Fast Response Times

Our goal is to be able to dispose of your mattress within 48 hours from our intitial contact.  We usually succed!!

Responsible Recycling

Mattress recycling in our area is none existant.  Sorry, but our only choice is to take the matress to the dump or transfer station.

Affordable Pricing

Our up-front quotes are highly competitive with absolutely no hidden fees.

Mattresses, because of their bulk, unfortunately have some unique pricing.  We are always willing to work with our cusatomers for favorable pricing.

Charitable Donations

Not everything we haul is junk. We strive to donate as much as possible to churches, ministries, and families. 

Sadly, we no longer donate mattresses for a variety of health related issues.