I just left a networking meeting, H7, and a fellow member asked me what my t6ypical day was like.  She asked with a touch of trepidation thinking that we are mired in an indescribable pile of filth.

How wrong she is!!!   Yeah we see some filth and grime and indescribable filth.  That is the exception to the rule.

Everybody has junk and trash.  They just don’t like to hear those words.  Trust me, for 13 years I have searched for a better name, a more sensitive name. I have failed to find a better descriptor.

Let’s start with the understanding that NOBODY thinks that their STUFF is trash or junk.  There is always some form of emotional attachment to it.  There is a price tag associated with the STUFF, some value.  Someone may be able to use or repurpose an item.  Some charity or non-profit may be able to help a person in need.

Back to the original statement.  The filth, the hoarder, the unhealthy environment is the minority of the work we do.  AC Trash Hauling & More is much more basic and simple!!

Everybody has Unwanted Treasures.  You know, the college books, the moving boxes that have been unopened from three moves ago.  The sentimental items that your kids don’t want.  People also have the obsolete computer/electronic device, the old sofa or mattress squirreled away in the corner of your basement.  How many of you have the carpet remnants left behind by the previous owner?

We could share a multitude of stories about all of these items!  This is what we typically haul away.

Let us debunk another myth or misconception.  Our typical job is about the size of a pickup truck load. We have hauled away a bale of straw used as a yard decoration for Halloween.  Then again, we have hauled away 200 CY of stuff from a hoarder house.

Our typical day consists of helping you get rid of those things, the STUFF that you either don’t know how to get rid of, or don’t have the means to get rid of.

There is no TYPICAL day for AC Trash Hauling & More.  We respond to your individual needs.  It’ sthat simple.

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or text  ACTRASH to 85100