We frequently field the question, “Can you haul away a mattress?” The answer is an immediate yes.
Many people are misinformed about mattresses and the ability to either donate or dispose of them. Let us clear the air, at least from our perspective.
Most donation centers such at Salvation Army, Goodwill, St. Vincent de Paul, will not accept mattress. They have some very legitimate reasons for their actions. Used mattresses can and do carry with them certain health risks, the most prominent is Bed Bugs. However we should not forget the presence of other bacteria that accumulates regardless. The extent of which is always subject to debate. This link,, one of many available on the internet sheds some light on the topic. By no means are we suggesting that this is the definitive site and answer.
Regardless of the above, there are still locations that embrace used mattresses. Shelters for the homeless and indigent, thrift shops that support a variety of shelters all understand that a used mattress is better that sleeping on a hard floor or worse yet on the sidewalk.
Naturally these locations need to be aware of the condition of the mattress. We have places that will inspect mattresses before they accept them as a donation.
There are facilities throughout the United States that recycle mattresses. This is a link that helps guide you through the recycle process. Unfortunately the resources available are slim. Locations with a high volume of traffic are good relocation sites. Think about the volume of people that visit the numerous sites associated with Disney and other resorts. They are more likely to recycle mattresses than the hotel along the interstate in the Mid-West. That said, there are no viable recycle centers in our service area, metro-Indianapolis.
Unfortunately the most used location for old mattresses are at the local landfill. Mattresses present a challenge as they are big, bulky, and take up a lot of space in the locate landfill. They also create a challenge at any “Trash Burning” facility as the springs internal to the mattresses can cause problems with the automated systems.

In light of all of this, AC Trash Hauling & More will pick up and legally dispose of your mattress and box spring. We are a phone call away at 317-776-70258 or a click on your computer at
Good luck!!