I often

get asked how Trash Hauling get started.  There are two different answers to that question, both are 100% factual.

The official start of AC Trash Hauling was Monday, June 30, 2008.  It all started with $85 and an old pickup truck. It started as an idea,

a means to make ends meet in an uncertain economy, a means of survival.  It was not supposed to last.  It was a stop gap measure to navigate through tumultuous economic times.  I lost my job during the recession/depression of 2008.  I bid farewell to a 30 year career in Construction Management, or better said, the industry said farewell to me.

I jokingly tell the story that the next business plan that I author for the company will be its first.  The concept of AC Trash Hauling was started on June 23 after a walk through my neighborhood with my neighbor. After solving all

of the world’s problem as we walked through our subdivision, Jeff said, “hey, you have that old pickup truck, why don’t you haul trash.” He then walked into his house.

The next night, we needed to solve the world issues once again.  At the end of our nightly walk, Jeff hit me across the head and asked why I haven’t followed up on his recent suggestion.

I’ll leave the details and process out, but I started my homework. There was a need, a reasonable price was established, and I was in business.  The $85 bought the initial business card and signs for the truck.  Monday morning, June 30, 2008 AC Trash Hauling was open for business.  That evening we completed our first job.  End of day 1 we were in the BLACK!!!

Let’s back the clock up several decades to understand the true beginning.

As far back as I can remember, I worked. It was in the 2nd grade when I had a job at the local apple orchard moving the tree limbs from under the trees to the isle between rows after school in the early spring.  Later in the fall I

would return to the orchid and pick up the “Drops”, the apples that fell to the group that made cider and apple sauce.

A few years later I peddled my bicycle around town selling Christmas Cards.  I earned a prized race car set or some other treasure for my efforts.

Slightly before my teens, I worked at the local neighborhood grocery store owned by my father.  We sold the staples of life, bread, milk, cigarettes, newspapers, etc.  Fond memories!!!

I always had a job through my high school years, working in the local factory.  That extended through out college with a variety of jobs to offset tuition and room and board.

Work was not foreign to me.  My Dad, instilled in his children (me plus 4 siblings) a strong work ethic.

I credit this upbringing as the foundation to the start of AC Trash Hauling.  Thanks Dad. Whether or not he said it, “be a job big or small, do it right or not at all” echoes through my head.  That was one of many lessons I learned in my youth.

No, AC Trash Hauling & More was started in 2008, it was always there waiting for the doors to be thrown open for its first customers.  It’s been a fun ride since 2008 when the public was introduced to something born years ago.

Stay tuned, I will share some other chapters in this story.


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