Do you make it a habit to fill out customer review requests?

What are the circumstances that cause you to fill one out?

On the other hand, if your answer is no, Why not?

Reviews come in many forms.  I get phone calls, text messages, snail mail, and emails.  Forms are left on tables in restaurants. Receipts have websites on the bottom.  Businesses want to know what you think.  It is a part of their improvement process.  Businesses want to go from good to great.  Your opinion matters.  Your input is needed.

Add to the formal reviews, the Social Media messages and hash tags.  Who hasn’t seen a post from a friend with a picture of their meal and their approval/disapproval?

Word of mouth abounds about the quality of service people receive.  This too is a review.

Messages abound on “Next Door”. Do you send referrals on this platform?

I venture to guess that in one way or another, you have provided a review.

I am active in a networking group and we discussed this topic at length one morning.  We were a room full of small businesses.  All of us understood the value of good reviews.  The sad part of that story is many in the group do not provide reviews for others.

I ran a quick experiment.  I sent 8 people in the room an email with a review form.  Not a soul provided a review. Needless to say I was disappointed, but not surprised.

I am left with a question for one and all, “What process would you use to ask for a review?”  How expectant are you about receiving reviews?

To that end, there is an opportunity to leave comments about this blog on the bottom of the page.  How many comments will I receive?

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