Who is our ideal customer is a frequently asked question.

We are tempted to say anybody that needs to get rid of STUFF, junk, trash, and unwanted treasures.  It’s not a lie!!!

That is TOO broad of a definition. Heck that is virtually everyone one you and I know!!!!  So let’s drill down a bit and figure this thing out.

The best answer I have is PEOPLE that are experiencing a LIFE CHANGING EVENT.

OK, what does that mean?

Try this on for size, MONEY IN MOTION.

Not connecting yet?

Allow me to list a few examples… I

  • Marriage
  • Divorce
  • Upsizing
  • Downsizing
  • Relocating
  • Adult Children of Seniors Cleaning Out the Estate
  • Death in the Family

The bottom line is simple.  Our services are for PEOPLE within no SPECIFIC  demographic. Our services are not designed for a geographical region, age, gender, income, education, or anything else.

Our IDEAL CUSTOMER, someone, anyone with a need and lacks the wherewithal t do it themselves.

I’ve probably broken every rule there is in the Professional Networking  community by using the terms anybody and everybody.  C’est la vie..

Now, who do you know that could use our services?  Send them to our client portal.