When was the last time you were AMAZED, absolutely blown away by the Customer Service you received?

Here is the follow up question.  What did you do to acknowledge that level of service?

Exactly what did you think of when you looked at the question?  Did you gravitate towards a positive or a negative experience?  Did you, or would you react the same way if it were positive or negative?

In this era of immediate feedback, Customers have the ability to quickly share their experiences about the service they received.  My speculation is that the reactions are TOO quick. The customer reacts, before the business even has the opportunity to react to a situation, especially if it is negative.

Let’s build a scenario.

The waitress ( excuse my lack of PC) spills a glass of water at your table.  Your food gets ruined and you are wet. The damage is done before the water is cleaned up and a new meal is served.  Ah, the customer grabs their cell phone, uses social media and lets untold number of people what happened, how carless the server was (note PC here) and what a mess was made.  The manager arrives, comps the meal, offers to pay for dry cleaning, plus offers a free coupon etc.  Did the customer share that action?  Were the negative posts rescinded?

Businesses, especially the large ones, employ department full of staff to respond to social media issues.  They obviously want to protect their name and standing in the community.  It’s a huge investment of resources.   The little guy, the Mom and Pop restaurant doesn’t have the resources to do the same.  How do they protect their name?

Let’s flip the script.

Your server was incredible.  Service impeccable.  Food to die for. Management came by your table.  How quickly do you run to social media to share that story?  My assumption (with experience) is that you did nothing, as this is what you expected in the first place.  Is that fair to the business?.

One more scenario.

The evening out was enjoyable.  Nothing spectacular, yet nothing to complain about.. You had a pleasant evening out. What are your reactions? Do you share your experience? Do you give a review?

Business depend upon customer feedback.  Potential customers look at reviews as well.  Customer service is akin to art, “Beauty Rests in the Eye of The Beholder“.  I challenge you to share your reactions, your feedback to companies and their service.  Feedback is a key ingredient to improvement. Opinions do matter!!!

As a small business, we seek feedback.  We want to know how we can improve. We want to know the good, the bad, and the ugly. AC Trash Hauling  wants to know  exactly what our customers think. Our reputation in the community is important to us!!!  This is how we improve.

We urge you to share your feedback to all businesses that you use.  Let them know the truth.  Be patient before you VENT.  Allow the business to respond to your needs and wants before you pull the trigger. Be gracious and lett he business know the GOOD news as well as the BAD.

We encourage all of our customers to offer feedback.  We want to grow and improve.  With that in mind, share your comments about this post on our Client Portal.