You’ve made your phone calls to several companies.  With nothing concrete to base your comments on, you think the cost for Junk Removal is too high.  Heck, the high school boy down the road has a pick up and is always looking for a few dollars.  You think you’ll hire him. Afterall you will be helping a young man and save a few bucks.

That may not be your best decision.  Here are a few reasons why.

Is he insured?

Not important you think.  Well what happens when he leaves a big gouge in your hardwood floor? Who do you call when they put a big hole in your wall?  Who is paying for that? Companies that specialize in this service carry general liability insurance to protect you.

When will he get it done?

Schedules are busy.  The boy down the street has other priorities.  His friends are too busy to help him.  Ok, you thought you would save a few bucks but now you have been placed on the back burner.  Once again the professionals keep tight schedules, their business depends upon it.

Where will the stuff get dumped?

The boy down the street knows someone who knows someone that has a dumpster.  You have no clue if your unwanted items are being legally disposed of.  I know of several people that suffered the consequences of illegal dumping. You really don’t want to go there.

Allow me to share a story.

I was delivering some usable furniture to a women’s shelter.  While off-loading two young men approached me to haul away a couple of mattresses they had on their truck.  Apparently they were hired to haul them away for a customer.  After they learned what the cost of disposal was at the “dump” they tried to “Donate” them to the shelter. The shelter does not accept mattresses for health reasons.  It’s a good thing because these mattresses were not worthy of a donation.  Two days later I rode by and found them leaning up against the dumpster at the shelter.  Obviously the result of a late night dump and run.  Unfortunately I did not have a name of license plate number to report them.  Understand, the cost of disposal was more than what these guys got paid to do the job, this I know for fact.

How will he handle Hazardous Material (HazMat)?

Paint, electronics, tires, and Freon bearing items require special treatment, just to mention a few. As the owner you may not be aware of these requirements. Now what?

Several times I have personally been called to haul away Hazardous Material.  We can’t and won’t do it.  We know the requirements and the law.  Once the person understands that he can’t legally dispose of, the options are limited.  How many TVs or mattresses have you seen on the side of a rode?  One is too many!!

I understand the temptation people have in this DIY world we live in.  My answer remains the same, let the professionals do their job.  In the end you aren’t saving any money, nor any time.

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