It’s never too early to start thinking about spring cleaning.  I know it’s still January.

To me the sure sign of spring is the opening of Major League Baseball’s spring training.  If

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I am correct, it officially opens on February 15th.  Ahh, spring is right around the corner.

Spring cleaning is an annual ritual. It’s a time to get rid of the old.  It’s a time to start to haul out the patio furniture.  It’s also a time to assess what old man winter did to your deck or play equipment. It’s time to pick up sticks and limbs from the yard, and to get a fresh start on the outdoor season.

The tagline for AC Trash Hauling proclaims that, We Haul ALMOST Everything.  Spring cleaning is the time to put our tagline to the test.  Believe me, the tagline is true.

Soon we will be hauling away those tree limbs/branches, old patio furniture, old lawn mowers or the snow blower that died mid-winter.  It will be the season to finally get rid of the old hot tub that has seen better days, or the play equipment that hasn’t been used for a while.  What about the wooden fence that didn’t withstand the March winds?

We ask you to think about us, AC Trash Hauling & More, as you approach your spring cleaning.  We are only a phone call away, 317-776-7025 (O) or 317-690-6810 (M)