I was at a craft fair a number of years ago. I discovered a booth with a bunch of simple, handmade wooden toys.  You know the kind that you could make in your basement with a minimal amount of effort.  Standing next to me was a father and his son.  The boy kept begging his father to buy him one.  Dad kept saying, “Not today”, “it’s too expensive”, and “I can make one of those.”

The father may have been right on the “it’s too expensive” and “I can make one”.  Yet both responses are debatable.

How do you measure the “expense”?  Sure the toy was made out of some small pieces of wood, scrap lumber from some other project.  Did the father have that wood at home? What about the miscellaneous hardware that dressed up the toy?  Did this require a trip to the local store?  How much did the little bit of wood and the trip to the store really cost?  What is the value of the father’s time? What about gas? Was setting another project or task taken into consideration?  So, exactly how much did that little jaunt to the local store cost?  More than what you expected!!!

“I can make one” is worth another look.  Dad may have the skills to make one.  When does it fit into his busy schedule?  Work consumes too many hours, other chores around the house must be tended too.  How many other “important” things are already on the calendar?  You know, playing golf, going to a sporting event, church, and the school play.  You get the picture. Sure, Dad can make it, but when?

Back to the boy and his father at the craft fair.  Considering the items above, it is far less expensive to buy the toy.  The son will be able to play with it as soon as he gets home.  There will be no complaining, “Dad, when are you going to make that toy?”

So what does this all have to do with trash hauling?  The answer is simple.  Indeed you may be able to haul away the trash, but when?  How many other tasks and events do you have on your to-do list? Do you have the truck or do you have to borrow it from your all too busy friend?

Once again, hiring a company like AC Trash Hauling may initially seem expensive, it isn’t!  What is the value of your time?  Do you have all of the resources in hand?  The most important question you must answer is: If you can do it yourself, why haven’t you?