I think it’s healthy to look back on the year just completed. Contemplate successes, failures, and even the “woulda coulda shouldas” in life.

First of all a hearty thank you goes out to the customers that we served.  You are the backbone to our success.  Without you, all we have is a name, a website, and an email address.You are why we are in business.  Of course making money doesn’t hurt either.

Second, I need to thank the numerous guys that have done the heavy work.  It’s a challenge to find manpower, especially those that want to lift and carry trash and junk.  Some days they worked in the bitter cold, other days they dodged rain drops, then came the hot humid summer days.  These guys are the ones that keep the AC Trash Hauling engine running.

Third, I must thank my defacto advisory board.  I have been blessed with a group of people from all walks of life that have been my sounding board, my compass, and inspiration needed to keep this boat afloat.  These are the people I turn to with new ideas, the ones that boost my morale, and the ones that gently nudge me to carry on.

2017 wasn’t necessarily the most productive and profitable year on record.  It was a year of learning and persevering.  It was a year in which I had to travel down some rough roads as I learned to let go of some things and trust others to perform.  Ah, the path was rocky.  I learned that no one will ever do it exactly the same way I would.  Others solve problems, maybe not in the same way I would, yet the problem was solved.  People don’t necessarily have the same business interests that I have and it reflects in their work ethic.  I’ve had to work through that and find ways to motivate people.

My biggest challenge of the year was to find or train manpower to be able to work without my direct supervision.  It’s the little things that bothered me.  Walking out to the truck empty handed to get a tool or to take a break. Tripping over clutter instead of keeping a clean path open to prevent accidents. I am a firm believer of working SMARTER not HARDER.  My education and teaching will carry on.

As a company, we still have a heart to help the needy.  We do things inexpensively (read for free) at times because the customer needed it done, yet couldn’t afford the cost.  I don’t share this in a braggadocios way, but as a matter of fact.  It’s who and what AC Trash Hauling is about.

The biggest challenge for the year was when I personally was sidelined for about 2 months.  In early November I had hip replacement surgery.  My world shrunk to a mere few rooms of my house as I recovered over an eight week period. Work continued, but on a reduced scale.  As we tore the December page off of the calendar and entered 2018 we are back in business full strength.

Business growth.  We perhaps were more efficient with our work in 2017, yet there is great potential for growth in 2018.  We are committed to a great year in 2018!!

Thanks top the many customers, the crews, and the many people that have crossed the paths of Ac Trash Hauling.

We are excited about what 2018 has to offer.