What can you do with an old mattress? Not much!!!

Very few resale shops and donation centers will accept mattresses.  There is an obvious health concern; bed bugs and other pathogens, associated with used mattress.

Most weekly trash services will not accept them for curbside pickup.  They just don’t fit into the trash bins very well.  Some services will pick them up at the curb for an additional fee.

What other options exist?

Illegally Dump

Sadly, some people illegally dump them on the side of a back road, on a construction site, or in someone else’s dumpster. None of these practices are recommended and could be very costly when you are caught.  Furthermore, the disposal issue isn’t solved.  It is just a game of pass the buck and let someone else solve the problem.



Another practice that is not recommended.  There are people/companies that will haul them away and do this.  They ultimately take the springs to a scrap yard and claim to “RECYCLE” the mattress. This method is laden with valid reasons why it is not a good consideration, and potentially illegal.


There are some businesses that truly recycle the mattresses and box springs.  In order to be successful, they are in the need of large quantities of mattresses.  Furthermore, the customer pays a fee for recycling. To fill their needs, these companies tend to be located in resort areas in which hotels, hospitals, and universities tend to replace mattresses with greater frequency than a typical homeowner.

Right about now you should be asking, “How do you recycle a mattress?”

The process is quite simple and labor intensive.  The mattress is placed on a work table, a worker cuts the cover and padding off exposing the springs. The different components are separated and sold to other companies for repurposing.

Trash Hauling Service

There are reliable, professional, and honest companies that will pick up your mattress from your house, haul it away, and LEGALLY dispose of it at the local landfill/transfer station. This is obviously done for a reasonable fee.

This is also the most reliable method of disposal.

AC Trash Hauling & More hauls away mattresses and box springs with great frequency.  Give us a call at 317-776-7025 (O) or 317-690-6810 (c) to schedule a pick up.  Unfortunately in our service area there is no one who recycles mattresses, thus we deliver them to the local transfer station.

Where ever you are, good luck with your mattress disposal.  Please do the right thing.

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