The title says it all.  In Indiana the law requires you to recycle electronics. The sad reality is that there are many people that for whatever reason is, do not follow the law.

How many of you have driven down a back road and saw a TV thrown into the ditch? It is common to see electronics beside dumpster enclosures at apartment complexes, commercial property, or even at construction sites.  All of these examples are illegal on several fronts.

The questions remains, “How do I get rid of electronics?”

Community Disposal Sites

Some communities have “HazMat” collection sites.  They collect and recycle electronics and other “Hazardous Materials”. They are open to the residents of that community and are often times “FREE”, meaning it’s included in your taxes.  Some may charge a small fee for their services.  The challenge with this option is that not all residents may be able to transport their items to the site.

Community Electronic Recycling Days

Some communities/organizations host a recycling event.  Often times there is a small fee associated with these evets. A great option, however two problems exist.  Is one scheduled when you have a need to get rid of some electronics? And, do you have the ability to get your electronics to the event.

These 2 options have a third challenge, you have to all of the work, and you must remove the item from the house, deliver it to a drop off location, and unload it.  Not everyone has the ability nor the resources to do this.

AC Trash Hauling offers a 3rd option.  We will pick up the items at your house, do all of the heavy lifting and hauling.  Our service is not free, we charge a fair fee for our work.  The fee is a function of how many items and the degree of difficulty we have for the job.  In simplistic terms a TV in the garage is easier than extracting one from the basement.

What do we do with these electronics? We work with a major electronic recycler, the same people the Community recycling centers use.

Perhaps the better question is what do the Recyclers do with the products?

They “de-manufacture” the equipment.  They separate components, plastic, wire, motherboards, etc. and sell them to other recycling companies.  It is conceptually the same process of recycling steel, aluminum, newspapers and cardboard.

The value of these components fluctuates frequently.

Here is another good question.

Does AC Trash Hauling sell the electronics to the recycling center?

No. The truth of the matter is, we pay a small, yet ever growing fee, to the recycler.  Don’t be alarmed. You are already paying numerous other industries for recycling.  You pay “environmental fees” when you have your oil changed, buy new tires, or recycle anything with Freon in it.

Our question Image result for electronic recycleto you is, “How can we help you get rid of electronics?”

Our answer is, allow us to do the work, the lifting, the hauling. Allow us to legally dispose of electronics.  Our services are available during our normal working hours, it is not a special date. Our services are available at your house, not a remote location.

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