What do you do that differentiates yourself from your competition?  Why would a prospective client select you?  Seriously how do you not merely survive, but thrive in the market place? You don’t need to be reminded, but you operate in a very busy and congested industry.

Tough questions, but ones that you need to answer concisely and emphatically with your potential clients.

I have a few suggestions for you, some simple and obvious, much like the nose on your face. Make the listing and selling process easier for them. Offer services or access to services that would be beneficial to your client.

Let’s look at the process of listing/selling/moving for a moment.  What truly needs to take place?

  • Declutter
    • Your client needs to immediately get rid of the unnecessary items in the house, garage, and mini-barn. Sometimes this is easier said than done. Does your client have the means, time, capability to accomplish this task?
    • Offer them access to a professional company that can assist with this process.
  • Home Repairs
    • Most homes need minor repairs and upgrades. Offer the name of a qualified “Handy Man” to assist in this process.
  • Purge
    • At some point in time your client will want or need to purge themselves of all of the unnecessary items in their home. Give them the name of a qualified company that will help them in this process.
    • A professional company is willing to not only haul away ‘junk’ but also haul things to a charity/ministry.
  • Move Day
    • Often times at the last minute a homeowner decides to leave some things behind. It’s that last load of “junk”.
  • Closing
    • Where do you turn when at the pre-closing walk-thru you discover that the previous Owner left you with a pile of “STUFF”. Do you have a reliable resource to respond immediately to rectify the situation?
  • Post Move
    • Your client has moved in and they are swimming in boxes and packing materials. Once again, provide a service that will pick up these items.
    • Even though your client may have been diligent with the declutter/purge process, invariably they still have “STUFF” that never should have been moved.

Other opportunities exist as well, especially when you are dealing with an unoccupied or seldom occupied property.  Do you have access to people that will maintain the yard, rake the leaves, or shovel the snow? Who is checking the property to make sure that there is no vandalism, storm damage, or any other unforeseen situations?

We are suggesting that you become a resource to your clients.  Reach out beyond you’re the scope of services that the “Typical” realtor offers.

How can we help you with this new endeavor? AC Trash Hauling & More is a valuable resource when faced with all things associated with “JUNK”, “TRASH”, and “Disposal”.  We also have a long data base of contractors that can handle misc. repairs and maintenance issues.  Allow us to be a member of YOUR team. Learn more about us by visiting,  check us out on Angie’s List, or contact us at 317-690-6810 (C).  We’d love the opportunity to help you help others.