We say that we are the trash hauling and junk removal business.  It sounds simple and straightforward doesn’t it?  For some unknown reason it is more complicated than it looks.

Exactly what is trash or junk?  This my friends is the proverbial $1M question.

Like many of you I quickly went to the old standby, the dictionary to get a definition of “Junk”, and this is what I learned.

                      “Old or discarded articles that are considered useless or of little value”

Seems straightforward, but I have a little bit of a problem with this definition.

First of all it defines Junk as “OLD”.  Is old truly a requirement for JUNK?

Second, it also refers the items as “DISCARDED”.  This clearly states that it has already been thrown away.

Third, it described as something of “Little Value”.  According to who?  The old adage, “One man’s trash is another man’s treasure” immediately comes to mind.

Let’s rethink the definition of JUNK a little bit and add a few new ideas to the definition.

You Haven’t Used It In A Year

This could include clothes, a piece of furniture nestled in the back of the garage, old toys or play equipment, a treadmill, your old dusty and musty college textbooks.  By now you should be getting the picture clearly.

You Recently Bought A New or Updated One

What did you do with the obsolete TV or computer?  Is it tucked away in the basement?  How about the new counter top appliances like to coffee maker or toaster?  Maybe it’s a lawnmower or a mattress.  Whatever it is, it’s time to get rid of it.  Face the music, you already admitted that it was time to get rid of it, otherwise you never would have bought a new one!!

It’s Broken

Time to get honest with yourself.  Are you really going to fix that broken chair?  How about the bicycle with the bent wheel?  These items are just creating clutter in your closet, garage, basement, or storage shed.  Time to let them go!!

It’s Dangerous

Should you really use that old ladder with the brace added to the rungs?  How many times can you patch something together with duct tape before it becomes dangerous?  That old trampoline in the back yard with the tear in the mat isn’t safe.  Take a good look around your house and garage, what have you discovered that is unsafe.

It Cost More to Store Than It’s Worth

Storage units are popping up all around you.  You probably already rent one for your STUFF.  Have you really taken a close look at what you are storing?

It’s story time…We helped a customer clean out a 10′ x 30′ storage unit.  It was packed solid.  This person paid rent for this unit for 12 years and never opened the door.  In the end he donated some to local charities and we helped him throw the balance away.  He kept very little.  In reality he paid close to $15,000 to store JUNK over a 12 year period. Yeah he paid more in storage than it was worth.


We could share many stories with you about the trash and junk we have disposed of for customers.  We understand that people attach sentimental value to things that truly have little or no value.  We understand the good intentions of people that plan to fix the broken chair or desk or whatever.  We also challenge you to think about what happens to all of this stuff when you decide to downsize, relocate, or realize it’s time to purge.


When that day comes, we hope you think of us!!