The process sounds simple.  Answer the phone, send a crew to the address, load the truck and haul the trash and junk away to the landfill.  Rinse and repeat.  No doubt, that is the simple side of the trash hauling and junk removal business.

The AC Trash Hauling team does more than the simple task.  Here are a few examples of how we react to the needs of our customers.

Ed and Moving Boxes

Ed had recently moved into a gated community.  He and his wife spent the day unpacking boxes and organizing their new home.  Their objective was to get unpacked and have the moving boxes ready for pick up with the next day’s trash service.  The pile of boxes and stuff grew at the end of their driveway.  The trash service approached the alley and did not enter.  The trash was partially blocking themoving_boxes_boxes road.  What Ed did not know was that their trash exceeded the weekly limits for a pick up.  Furthermore, the truck did not pick up their neighbors trash

Ed had used the services of AC Trash Hauling previously and was confident that they would solve the problem.  It was late in the afternoon, the local transfer station   was closed.  That did not stop the AC Team.  They quickly loaded the mountainous pile of cardboard boxes and hauled it off to a local recycling center.  On the second trip, they loaded up the trash, including the neighbors that was left behind.  Crisis avoided, Ed and his wife were good neighbors.  The AC Trash Hauling team was able to solve a potential problem outside the bounds of the typical work day.



Jeffrey and Closing

Jeffrey had been diligently working around the house in preparation for the upcoming closing.  The auctioneer had taken what was salable and left behind other things.  The amount was greater than expected.  Furthermore there was a non-functional electric organ that had to go.  Jeffrey had used the AC Trash Hauling services previously and called upon us again.  This time however he had to have the house empty within 18 hours.

We arrived on site, analyzed the job and immediately placed an order for a dumpster.  Within two hours the dumpster was delivered and loading began.  As worked progressed, Jeffrey continued to add items to the list of things he no longer wanted or needed.  We filled the 20 CY dumpster to capacity as well as an extra truck load.  The job was completed and the dumpster removed prior to closing.

Once again the AC Trash Hauling team responded to an immediate need.  Closing went on as scheduled without any glitches.

These two stories are but a few of the projects that we have completed under what appeared to be an impossible schedule.  It doesn’t take this type of job to get our attention.  We treat all of our customers with the same sense of urgency.  Customer service is one of our hallmarks of success.


What challenge do you have for the AC Trash Hauling team?  Give us a call at 317-776-7025, send us an email at, or a note via our website  We want to add you to our list of satisfied customers.