This is a true story, in fact I just ran into the individual that was in need our our hauling services. We practice what we preach.

Sometimes the truth is stranger than fiction. At a recent networking event I was telling people that we have undergone a slight name change this year. We added “AND MORE” to the AC Trash Hauling name. The explanation was simple. Our customers have always asked us to do some unique and interesting jobs. We have long said that we like challenges and phone calls that begin, “I don’t know if you can do this but..”
We received not one but two calls with a very similar request.
Apparently these two individuals were summoned to the local court house. Following a brief meeting with officials these folks left the court with a “Driving Citation”. The citation is definitely not one to be framed and placed in your office.
My phone rings and the conversation goes something like this.
“Andy, your company tagline says that you haul “ALMOST” everything. I have a challenge in front of me. I know that your schedule has some flexibility, especially early in the morning. Well, I made a bad mistake and well, well… do you think you could haul my sorry butt to work? I just got notified that my license has been suspended.”
The challenge was laid before us. We wanted to practice truth in advertising. The negotiations began.
When we say we haul ALMOST everything, we mean it. Yes, our customers have surely asked us to complete some unique projects.

Perhaps this story belongs in teh category of Waste (umm…. Wasted) Management
What challenge do you have for us?