Since our humble beginnings in 2008, AC Trash Hauling has been very successful in serving the residential customer.  Seven years later, this remains our bread and butter.  Did you know that we have a growing number of commercial clients as well?

Here are a few examples of our work in the commercial sector.

Construction Companies and Contractors

We work with numerous contractors with their site cleanup challenges.  We not only haul away their piles of construction debris, we also clean up the project site.  We have proven to be a very cost effective solution to the clean up needs.

Property Managers

We have responded to the needs of property managers to clean out vacant lease spaces.  We have been asked to haul away old furniture, unwanted shipping crates, remove outdated materials, haul away display cases, and much more.

Business Owners

We have been instrumental in the final clean out of several offices. We have been asked to clean out warehouse space, storage units, relocate equipment and files, move furniture, and remove storage shelves.

Commercial Realtors

We have completed several projects for commercial realtors.  A common job is to clean the property of unoccupied buildings.  Unfortunately some of these properties are subject to illegal dumping of waste and debris.  We have also cleaned out the remnants left behind by tenants that have moved out.

Our goal is to continue to expand the services we provide to commercial customers.  Our pledge is to provide the same high level of quality and professionalism that we are known for by all of our customers.  What challenges do you and your associates have for us?  Call us today at 317-776-7025