Have you thought about your habits when it comes to saving unwanted and unneeded items?  How much STUFF do you really have?

We challenge you to take a minute and think about the STUFF you have.  How much space can you regain but getting rid of STUFF?  You are one of the throngs of people that have vowed to simplify their lives, reduce the clutter, and get rid of the unwanted and unnecessary STUFF.

Congratulations!!! When are you going to start?

AC Trash Hauling is here to help you.  We do more than simply haul away the pile of STUFF you have.  Our crews will carry items from your basement, attic, crawl space, garage, or storage shed.  Sit back and relax, let us doAC-TRASH_web the heavy lifting.

Ok you say not everything is junk.  There must be someone else than can use this stuff.  AC Trash Hauling has a solution for that.  We will take your gently used items to local charities and ministries.  Indeed there are other people who may need some items.  We will give you the donation receipt for your efforts.

Is “Green” an important consideration for you?  AC Trash Hauling covers that as well.  We have partnered with RecycleForce to manage our electronic recycling.  Recycleforce remanufactures the equipment, recycling as much as possible and keeping unwanted elements out of the landfills.

Our “Green” efforts do not end there.  We have identified locations where we can recycle carpet, cardboard, metal, car batteries, wood pallets, tree limbs, and yard waste.  Our goal is to environmentally responsible.

AC Trash Hauling is your one stop location to handle your disposal needs.

So when are you doing this cleanup project?  Call us at 317-776-7025 to help you.