I posted this blog several years ago. The trash hauling business is very interesting.  I get to meet a lot of people with some very interesting resumes.  I hope you enjoy this encounter.


A few months ago I met an interesting individual.  This morning I saw an article in the Noblesville Daily Times and the Noblesville Star about this man.

Our introduction came via the internet, followed by a phone call, and ultimately in person.  Ken has hired me to remove a large yet defunct television from his basement.

As I entered the basement, I found myself in a large multi-purpose room that was a combination of TV room, home office, library, and art studio/gallery.  Paintings were hanging on the walls and leaning up against the walls in no particular fashion or order.

As I commented on some of the artwork, I was given a brief tour of some of the work.  Soon the computer was switched on and with a few clicks of the mouse I was given a private showing of his computer generated art.  I saw a variety of colors and shapes was even given a demonstration on how the works were created.  A few clicks later and I was being shown a collection of illustrations for a soon to be released children’s book, “Three Sister Dragons”.

After a few minutes the mouse was put into action to reveal another set of drawings.  This time I was looking at the progress drawings for what ultimately became the seal for the Environmental Protection Agency.  I was also treated to the story of symbolism of the seal and how the artist was commissioned to create the seal.  The tale included meetings with William Ruckelshaus and Richard Nixon.

I thought I was going to Ken’s house to haul away a TV.  Instead I got a private tour of an eclectic art collection, a lesson in computer graphics, a history lesson, and an afternoon with former advertising executive, artist, illustrator, philanthropist, and a self proclaimed bon vivant.  Thanks for the afternoon Ken.

For anyone interested, visit the Hamilton County Artist Association, Art Building, 195 South Fifth St, Noblesville, IN to see some fantastic art and some of the philanthropy of my new friend Ken.