Henry Ford once said, “A business that makes nothing but money is a poor business.”

AC Trash Hauling & More is not all about making money.  Yes, we do charge for our services.  Of course we have a goal to turn a profit at the end of the year.  That however doesn’t make us all about money.

We are proud of our business accomplishments from our humble beginnings in 2008 to having served more than 2500 customers in less than 7 years of business.  During the preceding seven years we have touched and have been touched by individuals, ministries, charities and organizations that serve our community, our home.


Some of the people we have encountered include:

Tiara, a wife and mother of 2 small children.  It was Tiara’s dream to raise her children in a nice home.  She and her husband made a major financial decision and leased a house.  The money was extremely tight.  In order to pay their monthly lease, they sold the vast majority of their furniture.

Their family situation was brought to our attention.  Within in days, we were able to find some much needed furniture.

Jimmy, is retires and faced with the tremendous burden, financial and emotional, of caring for his ailing wife.  The family is negotiating the uncharted waters of Alzheimer’s.   We helped Jimmy move some furniture out of his home.  More than that, we provided an outlet for Jimmy to share some of his concerns.  While we worked, Jimmy shared stories of his life in Chicago and happy memories of the many years he spent with his lovely bride.


Ministries and Charities

Through our customers and Strategic relationships we have been fortunate enough to work with several ministries and charities.


We have made several small loans to KIVA which have assisted small businesses around the globe to expand their services.  It is a great pleasure to help others in need.  It is also amazing to appreciate what a small infusion of money can do to help an emerging business.

3rd Phase

Not everything our customers want to get rid of is junk.  We have redirected large quantities of household goods, clothing, furniture, and appliances to 3rd Phase.  They in turn either place the goods in their thrift store or give items away to the most needy individuals and families.

Recycle Force

Throughout the year, we collect electronics from our customers.  These items are then given to Re cycle Force for the purpose of demanufacturing the equipment.  This process allows for the recycling of metals, plastics, and much more.  In addition to that, RecycleForce is able to provide employment to a very specific sector of the community.

One for Youth

We provided our truck, tools and labor to assist hundreds of teens while they engaged in a community service project.  The project helped clean up a blighted neighborhood in Indianapolis.

Meals on Wheels (Hamilton County, Indiana)

We have been involved with fund raisers, have moved furniture for their office, and made routine pick up and deliveries for this organization.


Boomers and Beyond is a networking group affiliated with h Rainmakers.  As a group we have helped several families in Indianapolis with property clean up.

Indian Transportation Museum

Christmas is a large event for the museum.  They run a series of train rides with Santa Claus during the holiday season.  Andy Corman, Owner of AC Trash Hauling, played a pivotal role in sharing the holiday spirit with families on the train.


These are a few ways that AC Trash Hauling & More have been involved in the community.  We agree with Henry Ford about being more than the money.  It is our pleasure to help others in their time of need.