AC-TRASH_webThe AC Trash Hauling team was called upon to evaluate what resources were required to haul away the junk and unwanted treasures from a home and the adjacent horse barn.  Upon arrival we were met by Stu, the family patriarch, and three of his children.  It was obvious that while Stu was in charge of the day, the work was being done at the request of his children.  In his eighties, Stu understood the need to do some housekeeping.

Armed with a series of lists, we passed through the basement heavy with remnants of his past.  There were old sofas and chairs, dressers, several microwave ovens, old doors, and much nondescript stuff.  With the aid of his list, numerous items were identified for disposal.

We moved to the second floor and a collection of old mattresses, TVs, and other collections of things.  Depending upon his lists, we again were given a series of items scheduled for removal.  We could not detect any logic to the items he selected.

The tour continued to the horse barn.  Stu explained that he built it many years ago, but considered it one of his follies.  The goal for the day was to empty it.  The contents included old wood, several roto-tillers and lawn mowers, and a rusted out refrigerator and range from a bygone era.

In truth, we were not asked to throw away any junk, we were asked to help remove memories of 40 plus years in this humble abode.

While the AC Trash Hauling Team was busy emptying the barn, Stu and his grown children were busy emptying the house of the minor items.  The pile was rapidly growing adjacent to the dumpster.  It was obvious that the dumpster needed to be “packed” not just filled.   With care and planning furniture and mattresses were loaded, always mindful of filling in the voids with little things.  The more we packed the more appeared from the house. In the end a 30 CY dumpster was filled to capacity.  Memories were neatly packed away.

There were no hard feelings or remorse expressed by Stu.  He knew he was doing what was best.

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