You need a Trash Hauling and Junk Removal service when..

  • Your home, attic, basement, or storage shed is filled with STUFF you don’t use anymore.
  • You recently completed a remodeling project and still have debris piled up.
  • Your car no longer fits inside the garage.
  • You recently bought new furniture and you still have the old furniture in storage
  • You recently moved and you have a pile of moving boxes and packing material.
  • A storm recently knocked down a tree or a bunch of limbs.
  • You are downsizing and don’t know what to do with the excess items.
  • Your old refrigerator no longer works and it is taking up space in the garage.
  • Your hot tub no longer works
  • The swing set in your backyard hasn’t been used in years.
  • The wind storm just turned that trampoline upside-down.


Do any of these items sound familiar? AC Trash Hauling sees these scenarios on a routine basis.  AC Trash Hauling has the skill, the manpower and the expertise to handle these projects and more.

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