How passionate is your junk or trash man? Do you even know what makes him tick? What would he do for a Klondike Bar?
AC Trash Hauling is driven by unique challenges, those jobs that the customer wants to have completed but doesn’t know who to turn to. We love phone calls that begin:

“I don’t know if you can do this but…”

This is usually the sign of an immediate and challenging job. It doesn’t always mean a job that we are hauling away trash and junk, but a unique challenge. Here are a few examples of those challenges.

Wood Lathe
Our customer “NEEDED” to have his lathe moved from his home to his wood working shop. The equipment was too heavy to pick up and put on our truck. A forklift was not readily available. We resorted to simple technology and put it on two furniture dollies and pushed down the streets of Noblesville to its current location. It took us about 1/2 hour and was completed before you could even find someone else to attempt the project.

Dust Collector Cleanout
Our same customer asked us to clean out his dust collector in his shop. We climbed ladders and systematically disconnected the system to find the blockage. Ultimately, we disconnected the filter and the drum that collects the sawdust, both items were plugged solid with sawdust. This project was completed in mid summer with a heat index of over 100Ā°. We were covered in sweat and sawdust. Our customer was very pleased.
Trampoline Removal
Our customer asked us if we could remove a trampoline with the understanding that it be completed today. We accepted the challenge. Upon arrival we learned that the trampoline was upside down on the deck. The challenge was the fact that the deck was on the 1st floor 12 feet off the ground. The previous night there was a wind storm and the trampoline was moved about 10 feet across the yard and picked up 15 feet into the air. That is why it was on the deck. We safely removed the trampoline.
GarageĀ Clean-out
Rita needed her garage reorganized. We emptied the “STUFF” as she sorted through it all. Some items were designated as trash, while others needed to be looked at more closely. When we emptied the garage, we built some portable shelves, and then replaced the items she was keeping. When we completed, the garage didn’t look any better than we started, but Rita was ecstatic. She explained to a visitor that AC Trash Hauling is great because unlike any other company, we will do this type of work. Rita is a satisfied and repeat customer.

Hot Tub Removal
This year we have removed 8 hot tubs. Each is unique in the challenge. In the removal process we cut them into manageable sections and haul them away. Our challenge is to cut the tubs apart. There are numerous plastic tubs embedded into the foam insulation that connects all of the water jets. We have to locate the tubes in order to cut the sections. Sometimes we encounter 2x4s embedded into the foam as well. Needless to say, each job is unique. In the end our customers are pleased.

Appliances in the Basement
On more than one occasion we have encountered refrigerators and/or freezers that were put in basements prior to completing a renovation. One time we took the refrigerator out of a walkout basement and had to push/pull the unit up a steep grassy hill. There was no conceivable way to take the refrigerator up the stairs. Our customer was relieved to get rid of the behemoth.

The AC Trash Hauling team takes great pride in finding cost effective solutions to unique problems. We are much more than a company that hauls away your unwanted treasures. We provide solutions to your problems, we provide relief from what is perceived as an unsolvable puzzle. We are passionate about unique challenges.

What challenge do you have for us?