Spring Cleaning

Ok, it’s March 1st.  The weather is doing some funky things in Indiana, other places too.

In two weeks the swallows return to San Juan Capistrano, and the Buzzards to Hinckley, OH.  Spring training has already started in Florida and Arizona.  All sure signs that it is spring!!

What is your spring ritual?

Is it that time that you clean out the garage, the storage unit, or the mini-barn?  Do you adhere to the time honored tradition of spring cleaning?

WE service a lot of customers this time of year.  We haul away the patio furniture that didn’t survive the winter.  We haul away these pesky tree limbs that found their way to your lawn.  Time to start up the old grill and discover that it won’t make it through the new season.  We will haul that away too.

Let us help you this spring as you liberate yourself from some of these old treasures.

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